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Beautiful Body Green Tea

We've been getting alot of questions lately regarding our Beautiful Body Green Tea so I'd thought I'd answer them here. Our Beautiful Body Green Tea was created to help facilitate weight loss without the use of Senna Root and other herbal ingredients that often induce stomach cramping and diarrhea because nothing you drink should give you the runs. Our tea features Gunpowder Green Tea, which has a higher caffeine content then other green teas, increases endurance and contains natural ECGC, a catechin that increases calorie burn; Ginger, which aids in digestion and increases metabolism; and Tulsi Herb, also known as Holy Basil which reduces bloating, increases metabolism, reduces stress and d

Welcome to Our New Website

After many months of planning our new website is here!! This project was a labor of love and is a symbol of our dedication to Bundts & Crumpets Specialty Tea (We actually paid someone to do it, lol! Thank you Red Klovers for the beautiful design). What started out as an idea has florished into a full-blown business venture and we have so many exciting new things planned in our efforts to share with the world our love for tea and everything tea related. So please explore the new layout and new features of this site which now includes our delicious treats and this sweet blog. We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Welcome to our tea world

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