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Fall Events

Now that Fall is officially underway we would like to share with you some of the events we will be attending or vending at to give you an opportunity to meet us or try our delicious teas. On September 27, 2015 we will be in San Francisco at the 4th Annual San Francisco International Tea Festival. We will be there with tea cups in hand ready to get tea wasted as we work our way through the Ferry Building to connect, savor and discover all the delicious brews from such brands as The Republic of Tea, Ito En, and Chado Tea. The perfect event for tea lovers and newbies alike so if you're free come out and explore what the San Francisco International Tea Festival has to offer. On October 10, 2015

It's Our Anniversary

Wow, I can't believe it's been a year since the official launch of Bundts & Crumpets Specialty Tea. On this day, one year ago, we held our first official tea tasting at an event held for Bay Area entrepreneurs to showcase our unique goods and services. We had three teas on hand, Creamsicle Black Tea, Lemon Chiffon White Tea, and Island Nights Fruit Tisane to sample and share and the feedback we received was exciting because it was nothing like what people had experienced before or expected to experience with tea. I knew absolutely nothing about the tea industry, so I thought the idea from conception to realization might be challenging but I am always down for a challenge. Looking back on thi

Fall in Love with Tea 2015

The month of September is upon us and with it comes the start of the fall season. I'm looking forward to some relief from this heat and hope for cooler weather and light rain, okay a little more than light because I'm in California and if you already didn't know, we have no water, lol. The fall season is a season for transformation. The leaves begin to fall off the trees, animals begin to prepare for the winter months and we get ready to shift from our lazy summer ways into the beginnings of the hectic holiday season. The hustle and bustle of social gatherings, increased traffic because the kids are back in school, football, and the soon to be blitz of mall trips to begin holiday shopping sh

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