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This is Your Cup of Tea!

What's In a Name?

A couple of days ago I recently received a phone call from a customer requesting crumpets. When I told her we did not sell crumpets her response was that our name was very misleading. Her comment got me thinking about our name and whether or not I had made the proper decision in choosing it because the last thing I wanted to do was mislead the public. But then I started thinking about all the time and effort I had put into coming up with this unusal yet highly relevent business name.

Reflecting back on the selection process, I remember spending a few months thinking about why I loved tea and the message I wanted to convey to my future customers. I wanted a name that was fun and not too green because green and teapots were all that popped up when I did a name/logo search. I also didn't want to come off as snobby either as some people associate tea with snobbery and that's not what we're all about. In all honesty, I chose the name because it was fun to say and Bundts & Crumpets was what I thought of when I thought about tea parties. "Can you please pass the crumpets?" is what went through my mind in an English accent of course and I couldn't stop saying it without laughing. When you throw the word Bundts in the mix I was caught up in my own world of hilarity and spent an entire day saying this phrase over and over in my head, busting up on the inside because I thought it was so funny to say, especially when you shorten it, buns and crums??? LOL!! Besides the name being fun to say I wanted it to intrigue people, to be a conversation starter and my ultimate goal, to draw people in. So far it has been all of those things and with our bold, beautiful and not green colors it has been eye catching as well.

There are alot of companies who's name does not reflect what they sell. I wondered if Starbucks encountered this issue when they first started because their name without the coffee doesn't covey coffee and they have a mermaid as a logo?? Krispy Creme Donuts are not crispy and creamy, and I know that when I go into Target I'm not looking for a bullseye (although I think I'm wearing a bullseye when I walk into there because I can never walk out of there with only what I need). What these companies do represent are brands that when you say their name you instantly think of their products or services and this is what I am looking to build on with Bundts & Crumpets Specialty Tea. So I apologize in advance to those of you looking for crumpets because we do not have any but we do make mini bundts upon request.

Until next time... Thank you for reading :)

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