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Tea Service

Bundts and Crumpets currently offers our Tea Services to the Central Valley & Bay Area

Bundts & Crumpets Specialty Tea, LLC

is committed to introducing tea culture and its rich history and traditions to the general public. We offer various events to provide you with unique and creative experiences in addition to our pop-up tea tastings. Below is information regarding our services.


Please contact us at (925) 453-1201 for further details regarding each event.


Private Tea Tastings

This experience is designed to allow the customer to experience tea on a more initimate level. Our private tea tastings feature multiple tastings of premium loose leaf tea and is a wonderful introduction to the world of tea. Book this event to gain insight into the history of tea, the tea production process, proper brewing technique and tasting tips.


Tea Party

We bring the teaware and you provide the space for this social gathering featuring our fine loose leaf teas and light refreshments. Each tea party can be customized to fit a special theme and can accommodate any age group.




Tea & Chocolate Tasting

Premium organic chocolate and our fine loose leaf teas join together to create the ultimate tea tasting experience.

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